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StreetSigners’ concept is quite simple: We teach you sign language – and it should be fun! Call it infotainment. Call it edutainment. What we are doing is a mix of branding Danish sign language, creating an information base, a dictionary and do light E-learning. Our noblest purpose is to compensate for the communication gap between Deaf and hearing people and to create more communication between the Deaf people and the “outside world” and thus build bridges between the Deaf and the hearing world. We would love to make sign language sexy. As an example: In the US ASL (American Sign Language) is the fourth most popular foreign language – why not the same in Denmark?

The idea behind our concept
It is important to emphasize that we are no formal dictionary, as none of us are linguists. We grab just a sample of how Danish sign language is spelled “on the streets by ordinary Deaf people” and then we share it with the world.

Our brief history 
The idea of StreetSigners arose as an exam-related procrastinating from the IT University of Copenhagen in 2010. Mette Bertelsen, who herself is Deaf, repeatedly met hearing people who asked a lot of common questions. She discovered a need of a site which could inform hearing people about Deaf people and Sign Language in a positive way – which also could be able to provide tools for sign language and general communication with Deaf people. So why not gather all the information in a place?

Torsten Guhle joined to make the logo and soon he became, along with Mette Bertelsen, the primus motor of the project StreetSigners, focusing on the visual identity.

From the beginning there was a great support from other Deaf people who certainly could also use StreetSigners to inform their hearing friends of deaf and sign language. The project StreetSigners started without any budget – and will continue to run non-profit. StreetSigners is clear proof that the good idea and the passion drives the work.